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Hi!  I’m Rick Hobe, the owner of Accrue For You Bookkeeping, LLC.  I started this business to fulfill my dream of running my own company but also to continue a theme that I’ve enjoyed most in my working career and that is the love of helping other people to be  successful.  Even if I only play a small role in someone else’s success story, I feel like I win when they win.  That’s why I’d love for you to give me an opportunity to provide bookkeeping services for your business.  I want to not only maintain meticulous records for you but also to look for other ways to provide insights or suggestions that help your profits grow. 

When it comes to a bookkeeper, let’s face it, don’t you want someone who is a little bit anal-retentive with details?  That’s me.  I take pride in getting even the little things right and in providing the type of excellent customer service that can be hard to find.  I value the kind of relationships and trust that don’t happen overnight but are built over time with dependability, honesty, and kindness.  People who bet on me professionally are glad they did, and if you give me a chance, you will be too.

With Accrue For You Bookkeeping, I want to help you accrue profit and be as successful as you can be.

I am a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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