Rick Hobe

Bookkeeping Professional

Use your time on things you want to be doing.  Leave the bookkeeping to me.


What I do


Virtual Bookkeeping Services

I maintain my clients’ books so they can use their time managing their businesses or spending time with their families.  Regardless of whether you’re tired of do-it-yourself bookkeeping tasks like entering transactions and reconciling accounts or whether a previous bookkeeper let you down, I’m here to make your life just a little easier.   You can rest assured that your books will be managed with extreme care and that I will present your monthly statements in clear terms that allow you to make informed financial decisions and achieve better results. 


Clean Up, Catch Up, or Set up Your Books Projects

If your books are a mess due to past mistakes or simple lack of data entry, I can find and fix past errors and get all of your accounts up to date, organized, and reconciled.  If you need help getting setup in QuickBooks Online or starting to take advantage of time saving features like QuickBooks Payments, I can provide either one-time consultation or on-going support.  You’ll be able to start with a clean slate and / or move forward with more efficient processes that save you time.


Add-on and Advisory Services

Beyond basic bookkeeping, I can provide a range of services designed to free up more of your time including managing your accounts receivable, accounts payable, or sales / use tax reporting or providing assistance with budgeting, benchmarking, or supplier management.  For advisory services, I can carefully review your transaction history and monthly statements in order to make data driven suggestions that help you steer your business towards improved profitability and growth. 

Why Choose Me

• Accurate Record Keeping

• Time-Saving Services, Customized to Your Needs

• VIP Customer Service

• Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

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